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TITLE2009 RUTC Language Camp Teacher and Volunteer Application
FILE 2009RUTCLanguageCampTeacherandVolunteerApplication.zip 2009RUTCLanguageCampTeacherandVolunteerApplication.zip - 16.9 KB
In comparison to the fact that Korea ranks number one in the amount of time and money
invested to the study of the English language, sadly, only a handful of students are
able to reach a level where they feel comfortable with English.

The RUTC is preparing the Language Camp in hopes of resolving this problem and
realistically helping the students.

Not only will the students greatly improve their English skills but they will
receive spiritual training.

In addition, students will learn through the various activities offered by the
English Camp, such as basic conversation, pronunciation, journal writing, worship,
prayer (by yourself, representative, continuous), evangelism, praise, songs, dramas,
and performances.

The English Camp operated by the RUTC is geared towards individual education
customized to each Remnant's needs and elite education.
For this great commission, we are now accepting volunteers and teachers.

Please see the attached file and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Teacher and Volunteer workshop :
July 21, (Tues)~ 22(Wed) (tentative)
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